Are you ready for the challenges of Social Media ?

Social media is the latest buzz on the street, but this time it seems that the buzz has plenty of substance. Big companies that relied on mass marketing to sell their sometimes quality deficient products, are starting to re-learn the long forgotten maxim the customer is always right.

And all is due to social marketing, there is an horror story of a lady that was ignored by a big company when she called to complain about a defective washing machine. She happen to be a blog writer and in frustration she wrote a post about their overall experience. As it happens, she had a crowd of thousands that read her notes and very promptly the voice was out about the lack of quality and commitment of such company. And the sales not only of washer plummeted … they ran to fix the problem but the damage was already done.

On the other side of the coin, many companies are enjoying the benefits of social media that is far more powerful that voice of mouth.

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