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Lorem Ipsum meets Wordle !

Lorem Ipsum meets Wordle !

Adding custom sets of colors to the Garland theme for Drupal

You can ad custom color sets to your copy of the Garland theme by editing the file located under your sites/all/themes/yourgarland/color directory. To obtain the appropiate set, you can first select the values using the custom option and use the values later on the file. A very good way to get an approximation of the correct colors is to extract them from a picture that you feel is representative and use a resource like the Color Palette Generator to extract the main colors.

We support Wikipedia, do you ?

Have you consider donating $1 to keep one of the most amazing sources of knowledge free to all. If you haven’t please do so, humanity will thank you.

Are you ready for the challenges of Social Media ?

Social media is the latest buzz on the street, but this time it seems that the buzz has plenty of substance. Big companies that relied on mass marketing to sell their sometimes quality deficient products, are starting to re-learn the long forgotten maxim the customer is always right.

Do you remember ?

the last time that you came across something that caught your interest and at the last moment, you didn’t order it, due to a dubious interface.

Why design matters ?

Whether we are conscious or not design is everywhere we look, the chair you are sitting on, the clothes you are wearing, your glasses, the screen you are looking at, this web page, even the typeface of the characters used to construct the words you are reading has been designed.